Boxi is the nation's largest truck media company 10 tracked, targeted trucks for the price of a billboard Trusted by brands you know and love
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Boxi is the nation's largest truck media company

Thousands of vetted, available trucks in inventory in every market across the United States
Maximum brand exposure
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1 Billboard Vs 10 Trucks

Buy one overlooked, rundown Billboard, or for the same rate get 10 targeted and tracked boxi trucks reaching exponentially more viewers

Own the market with a Boxi Campaign

We make you look bigger! Way bigger...
9 out of 10 viewers will think the trucks are yours
Real impressions in your community
Unmatched transparency

Lift, Attribution, & peace of mind through game changing technology

24/7 Dashboard access with real time route displays, impression counts, and critical campaign data.
Measure lift, attribution, and CPM on your own terms.

Think bigger, think Boxi.
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